Prior to his ordination in 2011 as a Minister in the Uniting Church in Australia, Brendan E Byrne worked variously as a securities officer in a major Australian financial institution, as an employee advocate in blue- and white-collar trade unions, and as a convenience store clerk working night and graveyard shifts on weekends.

He is an avowed Nihonophile, loving all things Japanese – from the classical literature of the Manyoshu and the Tale of the Heike to the the modern day classics of Haruki Murakami; from the anime philosophising of Cowboy Bebop, Psycho-Pass, Ghost in the Shell, Blast of Tempest and Samurai Champloo to the alt-rock stylings of the bands Nothing’s Carved in Stone, The Hiatus, Monoeyes, Scars Borough, Ellegarden and others. He also has a soft spot for cherry blossoms, Autumn leaves, yuzushu and umeshu sake, good quality craft beer and single malt whiskey.

Brendan Byrne trains in the Japanese martial art of Iaido, and is trying to teach himself conversational Japanese. He lives in Melbourne, Australia, is married, and has a daughter.