Kyrie et Miserere

Photo: Jacob_09/Shutterstock

This is my first successful composition.  By “successful”, I mean my first attempted composition that I have successfully carried through to a satisfactory conclusion, resulting in a (reasonably) polished and finished piece that formed a coherent whole.

This short work is a mixed Kyrie/Miserere – from the Greek “Lord” and the Latin “Have Mercy”.  The Kyrie Eleison (Lord Have Mercy) and the Miserere Domine (Have Mercy, Lord) are both parts of the Western choral sacred tradition, albeit the Kyrie features in the Latin Mass as part of the Confession, while the Miserere was a separate setting based on Psalm 51.

I have combined these into a short and simple setting for unaccompanied SATB choir.  Although it looks like there are two of each voice (ie: a double choir) this is not so: I simply separated out the divisi parts for each voice because it was too messy reproducing them on a single staff.  Because the composition software I use does not reproduce actual singing, I attach the score to enable you to follow the text.



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