Triptych: A Small Symphony in F Minor

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This is a composition entitled Triptych – A Small Symphony in Three Parts (and Postlude) in F Minor, Opus No.2.

This is a short orchestral work running nearly 12 minutes.  It’s three “movements” describe the emotional journey of rising to a challenge, the rapture of satisfaction, and the return to the busyness of “ordinary” life.  As such, it is a secular work, although the word “triptych” has a specific religious connotation: in this instance, it is merely used to describe the three phases or movements of the piece.

A note on the music file.  This is not a “live” recording.  Rather, it is an mp3 file generated by converting the original sound file produced by the composition software I use to create the musical score.  As such, while some aspects of the orchestration are of reasonably good quality in terms of reproducing an authentic sound, others are less so.  But don’t let that put you off; try and enter into the music as a whole and imagine a “live” orchestra playing this.

Probably best listened to with headphones.

The score is attached as a pdf file: click on the link to access the score.  Click on the “play” button below to access the mp3 file.


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