Final Space

Originally aired on the TBS and Adult Swim networks in the US in early 2018, Final Space follows the adventures of Gary Goodspeed as he comes to the end of a five year sentence for reckless damage (and possibly also for the prat-like attempt to pick up his love interest, Quinn) served in solitary confinement aboard a prison ship in deep space. Along the way he encounters a weird green alien who turns out to be a planet-killing weapon hunted by an evil warlord; meets and befriends a cat-like mercenary seeking to free the son imprisoned by aforesaid warlord; reunites with Quinn, who involves him in an attempt to foil a conspiracy launched by the earth government; all the while accompanied by a dispassionate, supremely logical AI called HUE and an annoying “anti-insanity” robot named KVN (“Kevin”).

What begins as The Simpsons or Futurama in deep space morphs by degrees into a moving and powerful meditation on loneliness, friendship, love, parent-child relationships, memory, and the quality of hope in the face of overwhelming despair. Rich in emotional and psychological insight, Final Space is also leavened by a vein of (at times dark) comedy keenly aware of the arbitrariness, absurdity, and occasionally hilarious injustice of being. A highlight is the equally affecting rock soundtrack that perfectly captures its deep moods and shades of feeling.

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