Imagined Futures In Popular Culture: A Conversation About Dystopian Literature, Film and Anime

Those of you who have read the “About Me” tag on this blog will know that, among other things, I am an ordained minister in the Uniting Church in Australia, a union of the Methodist, Presbyterian, and Congregationalist traditions within Protestant Christianity.

It was in this context that I was recently invited by my colleagues, Rev. Dr. Glen O’Brien and Rev. Dr. Arseny Ermakov, both of whom lecture at Pilgrim and Eva Burroughs theological colleges here in my home burg of Melbourne, to participate in a conversation about dystopian literature, film, and anime as part of a course they are running on the subject of Futurism and Theology.

The conversation – which takes close to an hour – can be located at the link below. Let me apologise for the amount of “umming” I did in this talk – I am usually more articulate than this and I wasn’t aware at the time I was doing so! But it was a lot of fun to do and I think the overall conversation is worth listening to, my inarticulation not withstanding!

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