Kintsukuroi and Other Lost Memories

I am delighted to announce the publication of a collection of my shorter prose – novellas and short stories – under the title Kintsukuroi and Other Lost Memories.

The description reads as follows:

A man loses his wife and daughter in a natural disaster and must come to terms with both the grief of loss and the passage of time – even as he is haunted by his wife’s continued presence. In a society where face masks are mandatory and kissing is illegal, two lovers remember their first intimacy – and are tempted by memory to explore the forbidden. A person notices that the things they forget have a tendency to disappear – and that some people who were once part of their life have started disappearing, too. The creation of a bonsai garden becomes the focus of an unexpected life-and-death struggle. A man watching the telecast of a sporting event sees a woman’s face in the crowd and becomes obsessed with meeting her.

Bringing together magical realism, speculative fiction, and urban fantasy, Kintsukuroi And Other Lost Memories is a collection of short stories and novellas exploring what it means to be human and hopeful in the face of loneliness, loss, alienation, the flow of time and the quiet despair of daily life.

Kintsukuroi and Other Lost Memories is available in two formats: paperback (Amazon US, UK, and Australia); and Kindle (Amazon worldwide).

© Copyright Brendan E Byrne 2022. All rights reserved.